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    Accessibility statement




    Profimex attaches great importance to the field of accessibility, in parallel with the Profimex Group’s activity in the field of corporate responsibility and in accordance with the provisions of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law, 5758-1988 and regulations enacted under it, Profimex works to promote accessibility in both digital and frontals channels.


    Accessibility adjustments:


    Accessibility surveys in the company’s structure in relation to the services provided in it: the conditions of accessibility in the building and offices were mapped as required by the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (Accessibility Adjustments to the Service), 2013 and treated accordingly;

    • Accessibility of the company’s offices: the passages from the guest parking lot, through the elevators to the toilets, the conference room and the conference room are fully accessible;

    • Accessibility Procedure: The Company’s procedures have been reviewed and adapted for the purpose of providing service to people with disabilities, including the appointment of a company employee to the position of Accessibility Coordinator;

    • Disabled parking in the company’s parking lot: In the parking lot of the company’s office building, spaces for disabled parking were allocated and marked, in accordance with the law, as well as the passages to the elevators and the company’s offices. People with disabilities are asked to contact us prior to arrival to receive guidance and accompaniment for maximum convenience;

    • The company’s website: Profimex works for equal opportunities in the Internet space for people with various disabilities and people who use technology to help use a computer. And the Company’s website was fully accessible for the benefit of users with disabilities.


    Profimex Accessibility Coordinator:


    Ms. Michal Tzafati serves as the accessibility coordinator of Profimex, and she coordinates all efforts and referrals in this area. You can contact Michal in one of the following ways:

    Phone: 09-7774426; 054-7779426;

    By e-mail:;

    Via the contact form on the website;


    Accessible information:


    At the request of a person with a disability, we will provide information in a manner that will ensure his access to the information and receipt of the service. The information will be provided at the request of a person with a disability by adjusting accessibility appropriate to his disability, whether in digital or other channels. Profimex is also available to respond and assist by telephone or otherwise at the user’s request in filling out forms on the site or in any other difficulty that arises.


    An accessible website:


    The Profimex website is an accessible site that allows people with disabilities to browse it, consume the existing information and use it efficiently. As part of the accessibility adjustments made, the necessary adjustments were made on the website so that all our customers can enjoy a comfortable, pleasant, and accessible surfing experience, according to Standard 5568, which is based on the international standard WCAG2.0, to level AA.

    For the convenience of users, accessibility adjustments have also been made to the mobile-adapted site.


    The site has an auxiliary component for the disabled, which allows the following actions to be performed:


    – Navigation of the site using the keyboard (switching between site components using the Tab and Tab + Shift keys, selection using the Enter key).

    – Canceling animations and flickering.

    – Changing the color contrast to high contrast, as required by law.

    – Resize the font by up to 200% of the original size, including the option to increase and decrease the font to any size using the keyboard (controlled by Ctrl, plus the mouse wheel or Ctrl plus and minus buttons).

    – change the font in which the text is displayed on the website to a legible font as is customary in the requirements of the law (“Arial” font (

    – Marking links using background color in high contrast ratio (yellow).

    – Underlining links.

    – The site has two navigation bars – at the top of the site and at the bottom of the site, which appear on all pages of the site

    – and make it easier to navigate to all parts of the site.


    Exemption from accessibility or issues under further adjustments:


    Profimex recently learned that third-party components on the site, which are intended to enable the display of videos and PDF files, are not optimally accessible, and although it is not under its control and cannot access third-party components, it is working to find an alternative solution that enables accessible third-party solutions.


     Accessibility report:


    It is important for us to note that despite our many efforts to make all the pages on the site accessible, parts of the site that are not yet accessible may be discovered. We continue our efforts to improve the accessibility of the site, as part of our commitment to enable its use by the entire population, including people with disabilities. However, if, God forbid, parts of the site are discovered that are not yet accessible or there is a problem with their accessibility, or if you have a request or suggestion for improvement, we would like to draw our attention to the issue, by contacting the company via the contact form on the site, or directly to the accessibility coordinator Invest your best efforts in accessibility and an immediate, professional, and efficient solution.


    Ways of contacting the company:

    Phone: 09-7774444; By fax: 09-7774400.

    By e-mail:; Via the contact form on the website.



    Updated: May 18, 2021