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    Investor Services

    Profimex provides investors with a range of services that allow them to make rational investment decisions and receive detailed updates regarding their portfolio. For this purpose, Profimex offers investors high-level professional services:


    Investor Portfolio Managers (IPMs)

    IPMs are dedicated contact persons assigned to each investor to provide information about new investment opportunities and manage investment procedures throughout their lifecycle. Quick and effective replies to any question are at the heart of our investor services and whenever necessary the IPMs contact our various departments (back office, finance) or the local partner to address the relevant inquiry.

    Profimex’s IPMs all possess analytical skills and expertise in complex transactions, in addition to varied backgrounds and high proficiency in a wide range of fields, such as economics, law and management.

    Finance Department

    In order to provide our investors with access to high entry threshold investments, Profimex tailors a dedicated legal structure for most of its investments, including reporting and ongoing accounting and legal management. These structures are planned and managed through our financial department, which also provides current updates on the portfolio’s status, financial reports, tax deductions and replies to investor queries.


    The reporting department is responsible for examining the quarterly and annual reports received from our partners on the various investments made, and their respective business plans. The department analyzes the investment data on an ongoing basis in order to provide detailed reports to investors. In recent years, Profimex has developed a dedicated reporting system enabling investors to receive immediate updates.

    Profimex also holds regular meetings in Israel with investors and local partners, where the latter report on the status of investments, macro and micro data, as well as their views regarding the market situation and future strategies.

    Back Office Operation

    The back-office operation is responsible for carrying out all capital calls and distributions to investors, issuing tax forms with regards to the different investment entities via accountants’ offices. The department also enables investors to convert currencies at superior rates for investment purposes.

    The Back office team provides investors with quick response and bank-level services at the highest standards.