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    Investment Samples in USA & Canada

    Phoenix Multifamily Portfolio

    • Purchase and improve a portfolio of six multifamily communities in the Phoenix, Arizona
    • Phoenix market rated as leader for occupancy growth among large US cities
    • 1,744 class A units, 94% average occupancy
    • Investment Size: $185,200,000
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    Atlanta Industrial Portfolio

    • Purchase of an income-producing Class “B” logistics portfolio in Atlanta, Georgia
    • Major intersection location, near Atlanta International Airport
    • 14 buildings, 78% occupied by 31 tenants, acquired at~ 50% of replacement cost
    • Investment Size: $28,300,000
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    Centennial Towers

    • Acquire a Class “B” office at Austin Texas, one of the fast growing cities in the US, with high employment rates & rising demand for offices
    • Maintaining the high occupancy (98%) and bringing rents to market rates
    • Investment Size: $30,000,000
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    Circle One Program

    • A program investing in every deal that achieves Profimex’s investment committee approval
    • Focus on value creation as well as an income producing component the, varied according to managers, geographies and sectors (mainly US and Europe)
    • Investment Size (30.6.15): $302,500,000
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    Newbury Program

    • A value added program in Boston’s premier retail street, among the most prestige ones worldwide
    • A diverse mix of retail. office and residential properties
    • Original Investment size: $250,000,000
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    Legacy Heights

    • Purchase a multifamily community, 97% occupied, in Denver Colorado
    • US 21st largest metropolitan, among the strongest areas of multifamily demand
    • Class B of 384 apartment units, built in 1998, renovated in 2007
    • Investment Size: $45,572,754
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    The Waterfront

    • Purchase of Class A shopping center in Pittsburgh, among the strongest US economies
    • Tenants include leading national brands
    • US shopping center specialist, a public company, invested 80% of equity
    • Investment Size: $125,175,000
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    DSW Columbus

    • Acquiring an office building 100% leased to a US public company
    • The property is subleased to the State of Ohio Department of Taxation in a long-term contract with built-in rent increases
    • Investment Size: $29,100,000
    השקעות נדלן בארהב - DSW Columbus - בניין משרדים באוהיו

    Monterey and Stone Mountain

    • Purchase and upgrade two multifamily communities in Denver suburbs US 21st largest metropolitan, among the strongest areas of multifamily demand
    • 652 Class B+ garden apartments with an average occupancy of 93%
    • Investment Size: $91,478,565
    השקעות נדלן בארהב - Monterey and Stone Mountain - המטרופולין ה-21 בגודלו, דנוור קולורדו

    Newton Office Building

    • Purchasing an office and retail building in a Boston desirable suburban location
    • Purchase price representing 50% of replacement cost and a significant discount to seller’s property investment
    • Achieved 100% occupancy in a year
    • Investment size: $12,850,000
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    Tampa Commerce Center

    • acquiring a 48 acres land parcel fully approved for a four building industrial park in east Tampa, Florida
    • Distressed purchase price reflecting 80% discount to market 2007 comparables
    • Strategically located in the largest and most vibrant Tampa industrial submarket
    • Investment Size: $3,900,000
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      I agree to receive e-mails from Profimex, including updates on prospective investments and publications from Profimex's research department